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March 16, 2011 at 9:59 pm | Posted in Craftivism | 13 Comments


We have all seen the pictures of the devastating conditions after the Quake and the terrible aftermath. A lot of the survivors have lost their homes, their livelihood and loved ones.

The Japanese have given us so much inspiration with their wonderful aesthetics and incredible talent for creating beautiful handmade items. We for sure have been tremendously inspired by Japanese culture in our private and professional lives and were both lucky enough to have traveled to Japan several times and it was always the most refreshing experience.

Why Quilts you ask? Because quilts stand for love, warmth, and comfort. Log Cabin quilting is probably the easiest quilting method, extremely economical and yields beautiful results. It also symbolizes the heart of the home – the center square represents the lamplight or fire in the hearth, surrounded by the “logs” or walls of the log cabin. We’d like to share this feeling of friendship, home and warmth with those who need it most.

So the idea is to get all of you involved by donating some time and some of your scraps. We’d ask you to cut from your stash 2″ wide fabric strips. You can either send those in or – even better – assemble some of those strips in simple log cabin quilt squares. More on how to easily piece and assemble quilt squares later this week in simple tutorials.

Once we get some inventory, we will organize quilting bees, where volunteers come together to sew quilt squares, create beautiful color combinations with existing squares, sash them and then quilt them together with simple methods, like hand tying or machine quilting. Whatever is best suitable for the designs. We could even machine embroider a personal message….

As we go, we’ll upload photos to the flickr pool to see the process, progress and maybe even spot the fabrics that you have sent in.

But there are also other ways you can help!

We will need yardage of solids or sheeting for sashing and backing, batting, threads and needles. If you have old sheets or unused fabrics – that is something we will need a lot off!

If you are a shop owner and would like to host a QfQ Event in your area, we’d love to help you!

Besides that, we will need ample of sewing help! It doesn’t matter weather you are an experienced quilter, sewer or just a beginner. There will be lots of simple and more complex tasks to do – and the best is, you’ll get free sewing lessons!

There are two possible end results: We make baby, children and lap sized quilts (and hopefully many of them) or we can possibly create one big one that can be auctioned off at the end. Or maybe both, we’ll see where this thing could go. Thoughts?

This is not intended for immediate help but we would think a 1-2 month timeline. So when all the media frenzy is calming down and shipping and distribution are possible, this is when we would be able to give those gifts. We know it doesn’t change the world but it’s a symbol of hope and knowing that we care…



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  1. […] if you are also hoping to lend handmade and heartfelt support in the wake of this terrible crisis. Our idea is to set up a simple template that anyone can use in their own area to organize local donations […]

  2. […] if you are also hoping to lend handmade and heartfelt support in the wake of this terrible crisis. Our idea is to set up a simple template that anyone can use in their own area to organize local donations […]

  3. Count me in Susan. I am happy to help with anything.

    • Thank you! That would be wonderful, Alicia!

  4. I love the idea of making a quilt (or quilts!) and auctioning them off. I’d love to help piece, bind, what ever! Please count me in too, Susan!

    • Thank you Monica! That is awesome. Hope to see you at the PMQG sew-a-thon today – and I’ll be in touch for sure.

      • Sorry you didn’t make it to the sew-a-thon! We had a great time, and we’re all eager to do it again! I was hoping you would have been there. Next time, for sure – k!

  5. […] do something with my hands and heart.  I was so inspired to hear of Susan and Daniela‘s Quilts for Quake Survivors idea;I knew I must find a way to […]

  6. I would love to be a part of this. I gave to the Red Cross, but I would like to make something, to feel like I was contributing.
    Where do I send a completed log cabin square?
    Do you have an idea about how I should set up a local quilts for Quake Survivors group in Minnesota?

    • Jess, the Contact/Donations page has our mailing address for sending blocks or fabric, thank you!
      For organizing a QfQ Minnesota, do you have a favorite fabric store or other crafty studio/shop you could talk to about hosting a bee? If you and local friends & crafters want to get started or put out a call for crafters, we’d love to help spread the word on the site! Thanks!

      • I work at a great fabric store, and I bet we could get something together!
        I’ll keep you all posted if we decide to have a group.

  7. I would love to help out with this project. I will organize a group at my work to sew up some log cabin quilt blocks and as well I’ll send along any 2″ fabric strips that we have left over.

    What an awesome project this is. You guys are great!!

    • Yay Jodi, thank you! That would be so wonderful!

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