QfQ Oregon loves QfQ Detroit!

March 25, 2011 at 10:43 pm | Posted in Craftivism, Detroit, Portland, Quilting Bees | 1 Comment

So happy to hear that the Social Circle event in Detroit last night was fantastic and much fabric was cut for QfQ blocks! Thank you Lish + Karen! I’m super impressed that there are SIX rotary cutters in that one photo.


You can read Lish’s post about it on CRAFT: right over here.

We’d love to have you form a local chapter with friends and fellow quilters if you’re interested! So far we have Portland, Detroit, and Atlanta circles underway, and we’re so thankful for the support and interest near and far.

Thanks for the great comments and emails! We’re trying to respond quickly to everyone but in the meantime…

All info on donations, details for cutting fabric if you want to follow our basic template, quilt block sizes, and mailing address is right here on Contact/Donations page. We’d love to get your contributions by the end of April! If you’d like a basic log cabin tutorial, we’d be glad to help – please come to a quilting bee or you can watch this video on the Tutorials page.

Quilting bees on the horizon are right here on the Events page. The next one is Monday and Tuesday (3/28 & 3/29) here in Portland! We’re also confirming a SUPER great new back-to-back bee event here in Portland on April 14 & 15 that we’ll post up as soon as the time is finalized!

Other great fundraisers are right here on the Fundraisers page – we’ll be updating with more as we hear of them. Thanks to everyone doing awesome stuff!

So basically – if you want to jump in and cut, piece, or quilt – go for it!! Have a great weekend and thank you to our wonderful supporters and quilters. We are so hopeful our QfQ community fundraiser will add to the crucial relief efforts helping so many in Japan.


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  1. I just found some dates for a MN group, we’ll meet at Treadle Yard Goods in Saint Paul.
    Thanks for organizing this!

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