Calling All Quilt Tops!

April 11, 2011 at 7:34 pm | Posted in Craftivism, Portland, Quilting Bees | 5 Comments

Today is the one-month anniversary of the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and we wanted to reach out to everyone who’s been piecing blocks or sewing quilt tops for QfQ with a huge thank-you for the wonderful support.

beautiful quilt by Rachel + Cherri

We are really gearing up for our late-April quilts donation to Tsushin Patchwork’s quilt drive and if you’ve got blocks or especially tops to donate, we would LOVE to get them as soon as possible.

Jodi's Quilt top with Log Cabin Blocks

If you can ship them to our PO box, bring them to a bee (especially the one Thursday afternoon), or make arrangements with us, we would love that!

Daniela's quilt top

Special thank-you to Rachel and Cherri (and Kaci!) for their beautiful focus on making tops, long-arm quilting a first beautiful round of sandwiches, and hosting our upcoming bees on Thursday and Friday.

The top I was sashing at Cool Cottons

Thursday is from 1 to 6, Friday is from 1 to 9 (extended hours!!), and both are at Sew On Studio, 6635 North Baltimore Ave, Suite 263, Portland OR 97203.

nice quilt top I will be adding red borders to

And thank you to everyone who has spread the word, donated fabric, come to a bee, or helped the relief efforts in any way.

beautiful quilt by Rachel

We’re so thankful for our community!

beautiful quilt top by Pam

(All quilts and tops are from our flickr pool – just click each one to find out a bit more about them and their makers!!)

beautiful quilt by Rachel + Cherri + Kaci

Hope to see you Thursday or Friday!

Carmen's quilt top



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  1. Hi Susan, I plan to be at the quilting bee this Thursday afternoon. I’m about to prepare my top but have never had anything done on a long arm machine so not sure if I can use safety pins or need to baste…If you have time to drop me an email and let me know that would be great. Otherwise, I will just bring the whole kit and kaboodle on Thurs. Thanks! Suzanne

    • emailed you Suzanne! see you tomorrow!!!

  2. I have two quilted but unbound tops I’d be happy to donate- would that be okay? Please send me shipping info at madfabriholic AT gmail DOT com

    • Yes, that sounds awesome! I’ll email you in a minute. Thanks!!!

  3. I have blogged about this for you, it will be up tomorrow, hopefully a few more quilts will come your way.

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