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April 27, 2011 at 3:46 am | Posted in Craftivism, Portland, Quilting Bees | 3 Comments

So happy to report that THIRTY beautiful handmade comfort quilts are on their way to Seven Islands in California, to then make their journey across the Pacific to Japan!

our letter!

Daniela bound one this morning, I bound one this afternoon while Everett napped, and Teresa was kind enough to bring a lovely baby quilt she’d made over to boost our total donations from 27 to 30. We snapped a last round of photos and ran over to the UPS Store!

the shipment heading off to Seven Winds! victory!

Photos of all are in the flickr group, with more on the way for the Mercy Corps fundraiser. We’ll let you know when we launch the Etsy store and would love to stay in touch about spreading the word and further donations of blocks, quilts tops, or quilts, if you’re interested. Daniela is at Modern Domestic hosting a bee right now, in fact, and May 7 & 8 will bring our weekend of quilting for the fundraiser – would love to see you then!!!

Can’t say thank you enough to everyone who teamed up with us on this project. We’re just two mothers with three kids and about five jobs between us who have been so fortunate to connect with awesome, kind and generous people willing to help make beautiful things for a crucial cause. Thank you to everyone who has jumped in with us this crazy month!


susan + daniela



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  1. Congratulations! What an inspiring initiative. You’ve touched many people with this project – on both sides of the Pacific. Thank you.

  2. So proud of you guys and this massive effort of the past month!

  3. That’s so impressive! What a great show of support and love. We dropped our quilts off a last month and snapped a picture of one of them being received at Seven Islands. You can live vicariously through us and imagine handing over your 30 beautiful quilts in person…I’m sure they were so appreciated!

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