4-month Anniversary Updates

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Yesterday was the 4-month anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Japan and Daniela and I met up to plan our next steps with QfQ. Here’s where things are now… but first a recap of the Craft Party.

Thank you to the dozens of people who came out to sew, baste, quilt, and bind with us and I Heart Art in June! We got lots of work done on a dozen quilts in progress and everyone was so great. The evening party also raised $660 for Mercy Corps + Peace Winds Japan! Special thanks to the two lovely quilters from Indiana and Kansas who just happened to be on vacation in Portland, heard about the event, and stopped by to work on quilts with us as part of their trip.

PMQG & Quilts for Quake Survivors

We were so grateful to the Museum of Contemporary Craft for hosting the Craft Party so many people came to for quilting, and for displaying many of the QfQ quilts in their beautiful exhibit upstairs. Here are some snapshots!

PMQG & Quilts for Quake Survivors
photos by Petra, who also made the beautiful Sea Glass quilt on the right

The fundraiser on Modern Domestic’s website will be up for another week and we’re really hoping to spread the word and sell some of the six quilts left (each $150, including shipping if the buyer is not in Portland). They are not in the store any more, just on the site, but there are some nice photos there. Daniela and I are hopeful that we can raise some more money for Mercy Corps (100% goes to them). Please help us spread the word if you are up for it – this is the last week they’ll be for sale (it will end July 19) and we’d be thrilled to raise as much money as we can for relief efforts.

QfQ Fundraiser - Round 1!

Note: the QfQ Mercy Corps fundraising page doesn’t include Modern Domestic‘s raffle ticket + surprise bag sales yet since they haven’t made the final donation… it will be updated as soon as the sale concludes next week.

Admittedly, after several months, things are surely slowing down as we have all started to focus on other things again. Surely, the happenings in Japan are no longer in the news nearly as much, and there might have started to be some sense of normalcy again.

Why are we still pushing the effort you might think? Well, any money that is donated now, will benefit affected children in restoring their emotional health and well being, dealing with the aftermath of a major disaster like the Tsunami. People are still living in shelters and waiting for permanent housing. They still need help.

So, after the lovely Craft Party event, we have about 10 quilts still in progress that we would love help finishing. If anyone is interested in helping with this last round, please contact us (quiltsforquakesurvivors at gmail dot com) and we’d love to team up. I’ll be bringing the quilts to the upcoming Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting on July 21 from 7-9 pm if anyone is able to take one home to work on – it’s a picnic at Laurelhurst Park!

After the 19th, we are looking for a second avenue to selling the remaining quilts to raise money for Mercy Corps (our first choice for sure). We’re also in contact with some of the other relief organizations that have had a craft focus to see if we can donate the remaining quilts directly via their outreach (as Seven Islands graciously did in April – including 30 of our collective QfQ quilts!). If there is no practical way to do either of these things, we will find a domestic relief effort that they can help and will keep everyone updated along the way. We’ll also donate the remaining fabric to charity quilting organizations.

Last, we are very excited to thank everyone who has been part of this amazing effort with a party! If you donated fabric, sewed, spread the word, bought a raffle ticket, or supported our quilt drive, we would love to see you on August 14 for a barbecue here in Portland. More details coming very soon but we have a lovely venue ready and are so looking forward to seeing everyone who has been so generous and done so much.

A special thanks to

Everyone who has participated. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Seven Islands

Modern Domestic

Cool Cottons

Cherri and Rachel of Sew On Studio

I Heart Art PDX

Museum of Contemporary Craft

Portland Modern Quilt Guild

Peggy and Mims of the Oregonian knitting blog


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