Lawn Chair Quilt – 005 – SOLD

September 26, 2011 at 8:38 am | Posted in Craftivism, Fundraising, Portland | 3 Comments

Lawn Chair Quilt

Well – what can I say, this quilt is a stunner. And and absolutely one of those quilts that you need to get your hands on. The Lawn Chair Quilt pattern has been designed by Monica Solorio Snow, aka the HappyZombie. Not only are all the fabrics from her own pattern line with Lecien, the top sheet has been assembled by her, and she wrote about the QfQ effort here! The backing is from donated yardage and it has been bound by Petra one of the many amazing members of the PMQG that helped us throughout this whole project. Thank you all again so much!

Lawn Chair Quilt - 005

Dimensions: 50.5″x72″

The quilt has been washed – and the back sheet bled into the front – which gives the whole quilt a bit of a pastel green hue that is absolutely charming! And any more bleeding shouldn’t happen anymore.

If you are interested in purchasing this quilt. Please either go to our Mercy Corps Japan fundraising site or donate $150 (which includes shipping) to any other Mercy Corps cause you want to contribute to. Then send an email to with the donation confirmation number and the number of the quilt (in this case 005) and your shipping address. We will send you a confirmation email and ship the quilt within 48 hours via USPS.


Susan + Daniela

Close Up of the Lawn Chair Quilt



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  1. OMG, that is soooooooo awesome!!!

  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! It was just up a couple of hours and picked up immediately! I love this quilt! Out it goes today 🙂

  3. I am so happy it sold and that the bleeding didn’t distract from the overall quilt. Awesome job ladies!

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