Wonky Squares – 011 – Sold!

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Wonky Squares - 011

This absolutely wonderful quilt designed and donated by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Franson! is a total stunner. A blog/site that I would always recommend to anybody interested in quilting and patchworking. Her aesthetic is beautiful, her instruction clear and concise and definitely the best resource besides taking a quilting class from her at Modern Domestic when you happen to not live in town. This quilt was also part of her beautiful book Practical Guide to Patchwork available on Amazon.

Because of it’s larger dimension, the unique design and the exquisit stippling (I tried it myself yet need a loooot of practice until I am anywhere near Elizabeth’s skissl), we priced it at $200. No wonder it sold immediately. I myself purchased it – the color scheme beautifully bridges my daughters bedroom colors and it will always be a keepsake, reminding me of QfQ.

There are over 10 more quilts to be posted over the next few weeks! We are posting each M,W,F – so come back and see what’s still available and consider donating to Mercy Corps.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the quilts posted so far. Please go to our Mercy Corps Japan fundraising site and donate $150 or whatever the quilt you love has been priced at (shipping is on us). Through the site you can donate to ANY cause you’d like the money to go to. Just state your preferred cause in the subject line. Mercy Corps will distribute the funds according to your specifications on the back end. Then send an email to quiltsforquakesurvivors@gmail.com with the donation confirmation number and the number of the quilt and your shipping address. We will send you a confirmation email and ship the quilt within 48 hours via USPS.


Susan + Daniela

Post party delirium
I couldn’t resist to post this pic as well with my daughter sleeping all wrapped up in her blanket.



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