The remaining quilts for our Mercy Corps Fundraiser

December 31, 2011 at 3:28 pm | Posted in Craftivism, Fundraising, Portland | 1 Comment

QfQ quilts still available
1. Batique 01, 2. QfQ surprise bag quilt 022, 3. Eclectic Asian – 017, 4. Block of the Month – 014, 5. Denise Delight – 015, 6. Friendly haze – 004, 7. geo-metrics – 008 – SOLD, 8. asian delight – 006, 9. Batique 020, 10. QfQ: Caramel and chocolate – 002 – SOLD!

Hello lovely friends and supporters!

As we are wrapping up our fundraising efforts for Mercy Corps and getting ready to donate to Bradley-Angle House for women and children, we have gotten a lot of questions about which quilts exactly are still available.

As of yesterday, following quilts got a wonderful home:
Orange and Yellow - 016

Orange and yellow
Block of the Month - 018
Block of the month 2
Quilts for Quake Survivors night
Pretty by Hand
(you should really read the story behind this quilt: it’s been made by Kristyne quilted by Monika)
Traditional Quilt - 012
Traditional Blue and Brown

…and three more that will be chosen out of the pool above. There is not much time left!

If you are interested, please go to our page on the Mercy Corps website and donate $150 (shipping is on us). You can donate to ANY cause you’d like the money to go to, not just Japan., through our page here. Just state your preferred cause in the subject line. Mercy Corps will distribute the funds according to your specifications on their back end. Then you can send an email to with the donation confirmation number and the number of the quilt and your shipping address. We will send you a confirmation email and ship the quilt within 48 hours via USPS. Also – if you’ve already donated $150 or more for end of year giving, you can send us the donor number and we’ll gladly send you a quilt as a thank-you.

The QfQ quilts will all be available through January 5, then we will donate the remaining ones to Bradley-Angle House for the women and children there.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you’ve done for Japan and Mercy Corps.


Susan + Daniela


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