If you’d like to get in touch to donate quilt blocks, tops or finished quilts, organize a sewing or quilting bee in your area, or help spread the word, that would be great! Please email us at quiltsforquakesurvivors at gmail dot com.

beautiful quilt by Rachel + Cherri + Kaci

We are gratefully accepting donations of quilt blocks, quilt tops or sandwiches, or other quilting materials. If you’d like to piece blocks to send in, or donate yardage, that would also be wonderful. Simple three-tier log cabin blocks made in this style, like the ones shown below with 3″ x 3″ centers and 2″ logs, are easy for us to use with the ones we’re piecing for a finished quilt, but we’d be glad to include other block styles of course! Our basic three-tier log cabin blocks are approximately 12″ across but again, other sizes and quilt patterns are wonderful too. We are expecting these sweet quilts to be a super varied and colorful community effort!

QfQ fabric + blocks

To donate quilt blocks, tops, or finished quilts, you can ship to us here in Portland:

Quilts for Quake Survivors
4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd #811
Portland, OR 97214-5246

Thank you! We’ll update as more areas host their own quilting and sewing bees and can use local support.



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  1. I would like to help with your mission. I can cut, sew, piece and apply bindings.

    Denise Hawke

    • Thank you, Denise, that’s wonderful – we’ll be in touch to set everything up and get started. Really appreciate it!!!

  2. Have you figured out the logistics of getting the quilts to Japan? Are you going through one of the Japan-America Societies here in the US?

  3. P.S. Or if you haven’t figured out the logistics Quilters Newsletter is a possibility to help with logistics.

    • Thank you, Amy! We are hoping that later on, when shipping is possible, we can connect with the right people at the right time and send small handmade quilts as gifts to recovering communities. Our first priority is making quilts to raise money to donate, and the personal gifts from all of us through the right organization are our secondary and hopeful mission.

      Thank you for the suggestions on finding a way to do this when the time is right! We really appreciate them.

  4. I’d love to make some blocks or a crib size quilt to donate. Can’t attend the event at MD, but let me know what you need and when you need it by!

    • That would be amazing, Marcia! Thank you! We’ll get back to you after the first event with some more details. We’re flexible on the size of blocks + finished quilts but it would be good to have some general guidelines so we’ll post that soon too…

      Our big deadline is May 8th so we have a little while – really appreciate it!

  5. I can also do some piecing and everything else to construct the quilts (except quilting). I also have some fabric.

    I can’t find the info about where you are planning to meet. Can you send again? Thanks.

    • I emailed you, Marjorie, but please check the Events page if you didn’t see the note I sent out – thank you!!

  6. Hello! I live in the Pdx area.. would love to piece some blocks at home and can participate in the quilting effort. Will keep tabs on your site for more details.

    • Great Suzanne! Hope to see you soon!

  7. Are you accepting donations of nearly finished baby-size quilts? Or sections of quilt tops?

    • Yes! Thank you so much. Happy you’re up for a local chapter too.

  8. I am a quilting newbie and am a little confused by the math here. I’m taking Your First (Modern) Quilt class at Whipstitch and have some extra fabric I thought I’d use to send in a square or two. However I don’t see how 2″ strips and 3″x”3 squares will yield the same in a finished block. If I want to submit a block should I be cutting 2 1/2″ strips and 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ square?


    (oh and great idea! I participated in a quilt project at work for a coworker diagnosed with brain cancer. People in the company donated fabric then some of us pieced it (simple strips, I only did 4) and a a quilter among us put it together. I thought many of the fabrics donated were ugly, but the finished quilt is beautiful, and the coworker was incredibly touched and thankful.)

    • Hey Julie! Thanks for your comment! I had just quickly measured a sample pieced block from the QfQ stash to get the 12.5″ dimension that I posted. But doing the math with 1/4″ seam allowances gives a 12″ block instead of 12.5″ – so thanks for checking, I’ve corrected in the post! Everyone pieces a little differently and it looks like that sample block was slightly narrowly pieced so it measured a little larger.

      Here’s my math (and I’m the sleep-deprived mother of two young children, so please do check it, anyone!):

      QfQ Block:

      Center square: cut at 3″, 2.5″ across when pieced (lost 1/2″ total to piecing, 1/4″ on each side)

      Tier 1 + 2: each one cut at 2″, 1.5″ across when pieced (ditto)

      Tier 3: each one cut 2″, 1.75″ across when pieced (since it’s only sewn/joined on *one* side until assembled into a quilt, it only loses 1/4″ instead of 1/2″)

      Total: 2.5 (center) + 6 (1st + 2nd tiers, 1.5 x 4) + 3.5 (3rd tier, 1.75 x 2) = 12″ square

      When pieced into a quilt, losing 1/4″ on each side: 11.5″ square

      It’s lovely that you all did such a thoughtful project for you coworker. Inspiring that the fabrics combined so beautifully, too! And your class sounds really cool. We’d love to mix in some of your blocks if you want to send them in!!

    • hi julie –

      i wanted to introduce myself. I live in ATL also (I think I gather that you do too). Please send mme an email so we can connect a bit and share ideas. Thank you!

  9. I want to do this, as well…and think this is such a *great* idea for longer term giving. I’m not such a big quilter, but I am eager to send fabric, at least. Myabe I’ll try a square.

    Should the fabric be unwashed, or pre-washed before cutting into strips?


    • No need to pre-wash, Tanya – thank you so much for sending fabric and maybe a block too! We really appreciate it.

  10. Hello.

    I am almost done with a quilt top for Japan. Do you accept quilt tops???? I have fabric I could donate as well.

    Your response to the above question would be really appreciated. I live near enough to be able to deliver.

    Thank you.

    • Yes, we would love to include your quilt top! Thank you, Debby, if you could come to one of the events or email us at quiltsforquakesurvivors at that would be great!

      • Wonderful. A friend just gave me some fabric and I have more I could donate as well.

  11. I made a quilt top and back to be quilted for this fine project. I live in the Hawthorne area, any way I could bring it to you?

    • Hi Maria! Hope you got our email but we’d love to meet up anytime or see you at a bee. Thanks so much!

      • Hi Susan, I delivered my top and back to the Cool Cottons event Tuesday evening. Sorry not to meet you, but I met Rachel.

        Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this! You rock!

      • P.S. I meant to mention I blogged about the project on my blog here:

  12. A friend of mine is organizing a little quilting bee to make squares for you guys, and told be about this. I made 22 log cabin squares for you guys yesterday, and they’ll be sent to you soon. ( might make some more first)

    • I mailed them off today. 45 log cabin squares headed your way.

      • Thank you so much!!!

  13. Hi Susan! My art group is having a special meeting just to make quilt squares for your fabulous project. We are very excited to contribute. Two questions: does our fabric need to be pre-washed? What kind of thread is best to use?
    Yay! Hope to see you soon.

    • LeBrie, that’s great! You don’t need to pre-wash and we’d suggest either cotton or cotton/ply thread. Thank you!! Hope to see you soon for sure!

  14. I’m in. I’ll go to Susan’s book signing at MD and see how I can best contribute. I just pulled a bunch of fabric from my stash. Thanks for organizing this.

    • Wohoo – was good to see you tonight, Deb!

    • Yes, it was so great to meet you and see your lovely project, Deb! Thanks so much.

  15. […] squares will be sent to Quilts for Quake Survivors, an organization that will turn the squares into quilts that will be sold to raise money to help […]

  16. I stumbled upon your website about the quilts for Japan. I would like to get one made for this. I will talk to some of my friends and see if we can’t do this. I see that you need them by the 30th of April. In the event that we do accomplish this, what is the mailing address for them? Is there any size requirements or pattern requirement? I hope “no” to each question so that we can just make whatever comes to mind. :-)Thank you for organizing this!

    • hi! no strict pattern or size requirement at all – we’re including log cabin along with other block patterns that people like to make, mixed together or separate. For size, we’re saying generally somewhere between 40 to 55 inches long per side – baby, child or lap size. Hope this all works for you – thank you so much!!!

  17. today i am rallying a couple of enthusiastic 13 year old homeschoolers (and us moms) to make log cabin squares. we may take a few afternoons to build a collection then send it off to you. does that sound like the best way to go? thank you so much for spearheading this!

    • sounds wonderful, thank you! your sewing group sounds fantastic.

      • great! we are well underway and new squares are completed each day. we’ll be sending our a package in the next 2-3 weeks.

  18. I have a finished crib quilt that I made before the quake hit. I’m not using it and I would love to donate it. Would you accept a finished quilt? It’s very soft!

    • Yes, we’d love it, Vanessa! Thank you so much!!

  19. Hi! I’m not a quilter, unfortunately, but my mom was. She died a couple of years ago, and I’m just now working my way through what she left behind. I’ve found several sets of quilt blocks, but I’m not sure they meet your needs: they’re the kind you embroider, then piece together (and they’re not embroidered yet). You’re very welcome to them if you’d like them. I also have some quilt batting that I’d be happy to send your way if you’d like it! Thanks for all your generous work!

    • Thank you, Carol, we would love to use the block sets for quilts. Thank you so much for thinking of QfQ for donating your mom’s quilting supplies – we’re so appreciative!!

  20. […] out Quilts for Quake Survivors to see how you can help. Host an event to create a quilt to donate, or send materials and supplies […]

  21. I can’t sew…but my Mom is an Alzheimer’s sufferer for whom I am glad to contribute.

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